July 17, 2017

Different Methods to Avoid Hairy Nightmares on Your Big Day

It’s that little detail that can get overlooked in the rush to prepare everything else for the wedding: excess hair. Save yourself from a hairy nightmare and look every inch the princess with skin so delicate, she detected the pea through dozens of mattresses on your wedding day! Learn from the experiences of these brides whom WE asked to try out several options for hair removal. The big takeaway? That tweezers and razors are no longer the only solutions for unwanted hair. Read on.

Bride: Sophia, 27

Technique: Laser hair removal

Sophia likes sleeveless outfits and wants to show off her arms and shoulders—the result of cross-fit workouts—on her big day.

“I need hair-free underarms, and waxing and shaving were getting tedious so I decided to go for a permanent option.”

Years of plucking and waxing had left Sophia with chicken skin, ingrown hair, and darkened underarms, so Skin Inc. recommended the Palomar Starlux Hair Removal machine, an IPL (intense pulsed light, used for hair removal) platform.

Sophia recalls that the tip of the machine was very cold, which helped protect her from burns, and had a large area, so the procedure was very fast (less than 35 shots, she says), virtually pain-free, and sans messy gels or even numbing cream.

“It’s been a month and so far, I can see that there’s significantly less hair growing now compared to when I started. I will definitely continue with the sessions. Overall, I found it more satisfying and faster than other hair removal methods,” says Sophia.

For appointments, you may call (02) 853 3024 or visit Skin Inc., Room 303-304, Tritan Plaza, Magallanes Commercial Center, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City.

Bride: Alteira, 27

Technique: Waxing

 “My tolerance for pain is probably 5 out of 10. My dilemma is that I’ll be wearing a short bridal gown and my legs are like “Hair Wars,” since the hair there grows everywhere in different directions! “

Alteira tried hair removal creams and they made her skin reddish and itchy. Her dermatologist, who recommended waxing since laser treatments is more painful.

Two weeks before her wedding, she visited the Nailaholics salon for a full-leg wax. They used heated wax with honey. Her skin was rubbed with argan oil to.

“The stinging sensation after the wax is ripped off your legs can be a bit uncomfortable but waxing can leave your legs looking much better than shaving. They suggested that I get a wax treatment at least once a month since most waxing treatments last for about 3 weeks,” Alteira says.

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Bride: Ashley, 23

Technique: Facial threading

“I have so much unwanted facial hair. There, I said it!” Ashley says.

“If it seems shallow, but these photos are for keeps, and I don’t want my thick eyebrows, lady mustache, sideburns, and every bit of nasty (no matter how fine) hair to be part of my memories of my special day forever.”

Browhaus suggested that Ashley try their complete facial threading service, called the “Threading Complete Workout,” which covers brow shaping and hair removal from the forehead, upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin, and sideburns.

“I was pretty hesitant at first because I could imagine how much pain I would experience, but she assured me that the redness and pain would pass quickly, especially since they use 100% cotton thread and apply cooling cream after the procedure,” Ashley shares.

“The results are far beyond my expectations. I recommend that if you’re a bride-to-be who also has my problem, have this done a week or two before your wedding to give time for your face to heal from redness or possible breakouts,”

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