August 1, 2017

What keeps brides up at night? Tips on Overcoming Wedding Disasters

What keeps brides up at night?100 ways your wedding could go wrong. So WE came up with 6 scenarios and tips on how they can be averted. That’s 6 less things to keep you up at night!

Disaster 1: Wardrobe malfunction

With the amount of time going into the logistics of wedding preparations, a lot can go wrong in the dress department. Wardrobe malfunctions may happen like losing beads, accidental stains, zippers conking out, tube tops falling out and many more. The last thing you need is major Photoshop –ing on a stained wedding dress.

The remedy: Since your designer knows the ins and outs of your dress more than you do, make sure someone from their team is present on your wedding day to make sure everything is secure. A professional designer will always have someone on standby with a sewing kit to rescue any dress disaster.

Disaster 2: Not getting THE LOOK

You have dreamed of your wedding since you were young, and every detail has to be perfect! At the top of your list, of course, is the perfect hair and makeup look for you. So you need to find the perfect glam team who will be able to achieve your LOOK!

The remedy: We will go about this in three steps. (1) A lot of makeup artists and hairstylists post their work on social media. So choose a makeup artist who gets your peg. Tip: some makeup artists specialize more on barely-there makeup while some specialize in more glam ones. (2) Make sure you avail the trial makeup with the makeup artist and hairstylist and make sure you tell them what you like and what you don’t like. Or what would be better, show them pictures that serve as pegs so that they get it immediately. (3) Be open to the expert opinion of your glam team! Being experts in the industry, they will know what matches your skin, facial structure, overall look, etc.

Disaster 3: Supplier rip-off

Trust is fundamental in every supplier-couple relationship. While it is unlikely, it’s unfortunately possible to trust on a supplier that will rip off your full payment without giving you the services you deserve. They will make you believe that all is set and then poof! They’re gone.

The remedy: Ask for help. Use your connections to find suppliers that can render service on short notice. And don’t worry, you are surrounded with the people who love you most so your family and friends will naturally take the initiative in some tasks they can help you with. So don’t let it rain on your parade and think of it this way: averting wedding disasters together brings your family closer.

Disaster 4: MIA Coordinator

Coordinators are always on top of everything. They anticipate things and a natural problem solver. Their presence gives you piece on your wedding day. But when she’s Missing in Action, disasters are bound to happen.

The remedy: Stay calm and take charge! If there is a better and hands-on coordinator for your wedding day, that would be you. You can delegate tasks to your Maid of Honor, the best person you know who would make sure you get your happily ever after.

Disaster 5: Guests Going “Gaga”

With a tempting open bar at the reception, there is always a possibility for your guests to go all out with the booze. Tipsy guests tend to make a scene by making noisy remarks or worse- breaking glasses.

The remedy:Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.Knowing your relatives all your life, you could give your coordinator a heads up to watch out for certain uncles and aunts. Your caterers should also be quick in cleaning up the mess and the host can make adlibs and veer the attention to the real stars of the night. A professional team of suppliers will be your saving grace in times like this.

Disaster 6: The reception theft

Unfortunately, there are people with bad intentions who take advantage of such a happy occasion. So while everyone’s eyes are glued to the newlyweds or the wedding SDE, some of their valuables might go missing.

The remedy:The best way to go about this is to ask the host to do a voice-over reminding everyone to be mindful of their belongings, especially when the lights go out for the wedding AVPs. In the worst case scenario where someone’s belongings do get stolen, the coordinator should readily give assistanceto sort out the matter. This includes coordinating with the caterers and waiters and the venue security.


Credits: All Illustrations by Jakin Martinez.

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