August 2, 2017

The First Steps to Building Your Home Together

Before you guys get hitched, you still have some long-term planning ahead of you: MOVING IN TOGETHER. Just when you thought that going through wedding preparations is the ultimate make-or-break before the wedding, how about agreeing on which couch to get (leather or italian) and *gasp* a room allotted for a man cave??

Preparing to move in together is exciting and crucial because finally, your personal spaces will be merged into one. You might have started pinning #apartmentgoals in Pinterest, but hold on to that thought and consider the following before this “moving in” will be a source of disagreements.

Purge before you merge.

Both of you have to do an inventory of what you want to bring into your new home. The rule of thumb is: if you haven’t used it in a year, you probably need to leave it behind. NO HOARDING.

Also, talk to your partner. He might have some non-negotiable items with sentimental value like that storm trooper headgear he bought from the Comic-con. It might not look nice next to the accent chair you just bought but it might just be the thing that makes him feel at home.

Plan it out.

Decide on the design of how it would look like, according to an aesthetic you can both live with. This could also be a good date night activity!Do some really long-term planning by your floor layout more flexible in case you’re planning to have kids anytime soon. You might also want to set aside a personal space for yourself (a walk-in closet complete with an area for makeup) and for the hubby (the man cave).

Research before you buy the merch.

Before buying furniture and appliances, research ways to maximize your space! Purchasing things for your home is a big commitment with no returns. You also need to weigh your options between price vs. quality because your home is a long-term investment.


Do it!

Be hands on. You have to check and monitor progress every step of the way. Or else, you will get the biggest headache when everything is out of place. By hovering over the whole process, you get the chance to make changes before it’s too late. Remember: the plan might not look as good in person. There are constant readjustments as you walk through it.

And finally–bask into the glory of your new home where happily ever after begins.



Photos by Ocs Alvarez

Models Tany and Garet of Prima Stella

Hair by JheraFadol

Makeup Lindsay Co-Alog

Styling by RabbitholeCreatives

Shot on Location at Alphaland Makati Place Showrooms

Featured Image by The Movement in Crate and Barrel items.

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