August 4, 2017

Here’s Why WE Love Patricia Santos’ RTW Collection

Weddings are a little girl’s fairy tale come true and part of that fairytale is getting the dress of your dreams. But what your fairy godmothers didn’t tell you is: there are two ways to get your dream dress. One way to go is have a designer make you a custom-made dress you work on together. Another way to go is to let your designer work their magic.

If you’ve ever binge-watched the reality TV show, “Say Yes to the Dress”, brides have a mental picture of the dress of their dreams when they go to the bridal dress shop. But with the benefit of trying on different silhouettes, the bride (with the unanimous decision of her family members), end up choosing a totally different dress that made them say YES to the dress that brought tears to their eyesmagic.

In recent years, the Philippines’ top designers are starting their RTW bridal collections, especially with the changing definition of the modern woman: practical, on-the-go, and dynamic. That is why for the woman on top, designer Patricia Santos makes sure every bride gets her dream dress. Known for her intricate, whimsical, crystal-embellished dresses that are carefully moulded on a feminine silhouette, every dress is hand-crafted for every bride–even if it’s Ready To Wear.

So here are a few things you should know about Patricia Santos’ RTW bridal collection:

1. It’s affordable. 

Patricia Santos’ RTW wedding gowns range from PHP 100,000 -200,000 compared to custom-made dresses that ranges from 250 ,000 PHP above. Splurging on your wedding dress is definitely up to you, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can have your dream dress for a lower price and reallocate your budget to upgrade (or extend) your honeymoon trip?

2. Versatile Aesthetic.

Having built relationships with her numerous clients over the years, Patricia has taken note of every bride persona: be it whimsical, sweet, romantic, or divine. It’s almost like giving you the custom-made experience in your dream RTW dress.

Photo by Toni Chua

3. Body-type friendly. 

Nope, RTW does not mean ‘model size’. Take the notion of ‘one size fits all’ off the shelf (well, the rack in this case) because every dress is made-to-measure to accentuate the best feature of every body-type. So unlike the conventional S,M,L,XL sizes that can’t be altered, the RTW collection can recreate your chosen design according to your exact measures!

Photo by Toni Chua

4. Perfect for brides with a busy schedule. 

For brides who have a lot on their plates juggling work and wedding planning, this feature will be a breath of fresh air. While rushing to several fittings sounds exciting, it could become difficult to squeeze it in your daily planner. With the extra time an RTW can buy you, you could us your spare time to go to treat yourself to the spa and get that bridal glow!


Photo by Toni Chua

5. It lessens your chances of becoming a Bridezilla.

With a lot less fittings to go to and not having to include your ‘bridal dress deadline–final fitting’ in your to-do list, you get less stressed about your whole wedding especially since you don’t get to see your dress just days away from your wedding day with some final alterations you still want to request from the designer.

For inquiries, you may visit Patricia Santos Atelier at 7 San Franciso St. Kapitolyo, Pasig City, or call (Insert Patricia’s mobile)

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