August 2, 2018

See You Where the Cliffs Meet the Sea

They say it’s impossible to make long distance relationships work, but others say it’s what you make out of the time you do spend together that counts. Being in one, Neil and Dada make up for the time they spend apart through traveling. With Neil answering his call to duty as a police officer who was assigned to Tawi-Tawi while Dada is based in Manila, they admit that distance does throw a challenge to their relationship because they miss each other too much.

“Traveling allowed us to get to know each other more. I found out so many things about him that I would otherwise not have known if we didn’t experience different adventures together. And it’s really a great feeling when you visit a place for the first time with your special someone.”

“One of the most memorable places we traveled to was the island of Calaguas. When we visited the place, we were mesmerized by its pristine wonders. There was no mobile signal during that time and we were literally almost the only ones on the island. All we had was our tent and each other. It was so surreal, much like in the movies. It was where we experienced the joys and challenges of island living, and it was where we got to really value the simplicity of life. Lastly, it was where I realized that I do not really need much in my life, and not a million treasures and material things in this world could replace the genuine happiness I feel when I’m with Neil.”

With traveling setting an anchor in their relationship, Neil and Dada chose to have their prenup shoot in Mariveles, Bataan, exactly where the cliffs meet the sea.

“The concept of our prenup shoot is a depiction of the journey of our relationship, which is a journey from the shores of the seas to the summits of the cliffs, all while enjoying all the superb views you pass through in between. “

Neil and Dada will be exchanging vows in Cagayan Valley, in the same church where they met. She was a bridesmaid for her high school teacher, he was a Saber Escort for the groom who was a policeman.

“The place has a special place in our hearts because that is where we first saw each other. Little did we know that we would also end up getting married there many years later. “



Photos by Proudrad

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