September 11, 2018

Picture Perfect Mornings

Don’t you wish you could capture those perfect mornings and put it in a frame? Couple Erickson Hernandez and Camille Lim had exactly this idea, giving us a refreshing take on the breakfast in bed concept for their prenup shoot. We can only imagine the best parts about doing a shoot like this: no extra fuss, less work, and a couple of bad jokes in between!

“Although we appreciate prenup shoots where the bride-to-be wears long trail gowns and the groom-to-be wears a tuxedo, it’s simply not us. We chose to have an indoor, laidback engagement shoot because we wanted our photos to show who we really are as a couple. We wanted our love and joy to radiate in our photos, that it will come out as natural as possible.”

Erickson met Camille when she was a third-year college intern in the company he was working in. Luckily, fate gave them a nudge and assigned Erick to be one of the people who trained Camille. From there, they became colleagues and kept in touch through text messaging that was often restricted to work concerns. Little did they know that fate wasn’t done with them just yet as Erick found out that Camille was single again. He took his chance and asked her out a few times, but Camille never said yes. Two years later, Camille finally obliged to a coffee date that turned into weekly dates.

The couple rented an Airbnb for the shoot where they picked a room that best fits the cozy feels they’re going for.

“We never had a chance to have a studio photo as a couple. So this was a first that the both of us will be shot together professionally. It was a bit tiring because we had to smile and laugh the whole time. But when we saw the photos, we were really happy with the outcome.”

Erickson and Camille will be getting married on the day of their fourth anniversary.


Photos by Ram Marcelo

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