January 10, 2019

#RingTales: Metanoia’s Transformative Change of Heart

By Vennette Lailani Seprado

Social media platforms such as Instagram are a treasure trove of ideas, products, and suppliers relevant to the wedding industry. Planning a wedding and getting hold of suppliers who can turn dreams into reality are often done online these days since it has become easier to access and communicate real time. And it was through Instagram that WE came across a jewelry company who have been exploring the metaphysical properties of gems and crystals in their handcrafted fine jewelry. Get to know more about METANOIA MANILA.


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The perfect cornflower blue of Ceylon Sapphires that is mesmerizing to behold is unparalleled in the gem kingdom. . 2.30 Carat Marquise Cut Ceylon Sapphire and diamond ring, set in 14 Karat White Gold. . The magnificent and holy Sapphire, in all its celestial hues, is a stone of wisdom and royalty, of prophecy and Divine favor. It is forever associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in the history and lore of nearly every religion. To the ancient and medieval world, Sapphire of heavenly blue signified the height of celestial hope and faith, and was believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It was a symbol of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment. . #MondayBlues #CeylonSapphire #MetaphysicalJewelry #FineJewelry #JewelryPh #CeylonSapphire #diamond #EngagementRing #MarquiseCut #SeptemberBirthstone #HerkimerDiamond #VedicAstrology #Metanoia #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki #Matenoia #FineJewelry #Gold #Diamond #Crystals #24k #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki

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Metanoia is a Greek word that means “a transformative change of heart” or “spiritual conversion”.  This was the word they chose to represent their jewelry label because of the transformative power of crystals in our daily lives. They initially catered to bridal jewelry working with mainstream diamond rings, until they saw a whole new facet in the mineral kingdom and explored other gems and stones in all the colors of the rainbow with different vibrational frequencies that made them have a “change of heart”.

Today, Metanonia’s designs are uncomplicated with a strong focus on quality gemstones.  According to Marcel Angelo Zapata of Metanoia – “Our design aesthetic is both traditional and revolutionary. Ready-made pieces of Metanoia Manila borders on the whimsical right down to the down linear. It stemmed from my background in architecture back in college that really became useful when it came to the needed attention to detail”.


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Your weekly dose of verdant green! We under the spell of this mesmerizing gem. . 3.70 CT Pear Shaped Colombian Emerald Solitaire Ring with two Dimond Baguettes. . Many cultures throughout time have believed the emerald to be an enormously powerful stone in different ways. The Chaldeans believed the stone contained a goddess. And in the Islamic faith, an amulet of an emerald might be engraved with a verse from the Koran. The ancient Egyptians believed the emerald stood for fertility and rebirth. In Ancient Rome, Nero supposedly watched gladiator fights through a large transparent emerald as he found the color to be calming. In some legends of King Arthur, the Holy Grail is described as being fashioned from an emerald. In China, Thursday was the day for wearing green and emeralds for good luck. However, various countries in the East and West varied in opinion on which day the emerald would bring good luck. The Romans once considered light-colored Emeralds to be unripe, and believed that an Emerald becomes a darker shade of green as it matures. . #emerald #ColombianEmerald #Metanoia #FineJewelry #Gold #Diamond #Crystals #24k #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Bespoke#Cabochon #Reiki

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In the jewelry business, the market for engagement rings remains profitable. The demand for the hardest natural substance known to man is at an all-time high ever since De Beers launched a campaign that forever tied diamonds with engagements and weddings. When it comes to engagement ring settings, diamonds still reign supreme. Sticking to the classics made sense because jewelry is after all, still an investment. Although not all diamonds are good investment pieces, rarity is entirely another factor. A fine quality diamond will hold its value well for decades to come. Only a few in a thousand diamonds will yield the coveted nearly colorless and flawless stones; even rarer are colored diamonds like red, pink, blue, green, orange, purple and yellow. Such stones can command higher values.


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We’ll feature Fiery Stones this week starting with this Red Tourmaline, also known as Rubelite Ring Set in 22 Karat Gold according to Vedic Standards. (Though not all Red Tourmalines can be called Rubelite: only the most vivid and well saturated stones like this one can be labeled as such). Rubelite is the rarest and most valuable among the Tourmaline family and is often used as a substitute for the Valuable Ruby without compromising too much on the metaphysical properties. Like Ruby it will help you discover your passion for different things, and you will strengthen your commitment to live your best life. Rubellite represents a kind of love that goes very deep. One that goes beyond the love that you share in your human relationships, and one that reaches out to the universe! This stone will help increase the flow of your life force energies. You will feel your absolute best, and you will feel like you can achieve just about anything. #RedTourmaline #Rubelite #FineGold #VedicAstrology #Metanoia #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki #Matenoia #FineJewelry #Gold #Diamond #Crystals #24k #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki

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The elusive Alexandrite set in 14 Karat Gold with diamonds. . Alexandrite is a member of the Chrysoberyl Family. Discovered in the 20th Century at the Ural Mountains of Russia alongside Emeralds. Its unique color changing properties and its geographic exclusivity makes this gemstone extremely rare and valuable. . It’s a stone that’s known to bring balance between your physical manifest world and the unmanifest astral or spiritual world. It will unlock your crown chakra and allow you access to the healing energy and loving support of the universe. It’s a very good stone for people who have too much self-discipline. The stone will remind you of your purpose in life, and how fleeting life is. . It will remind you that you should fill your life with many happy moments, and that you should be surrounded by people you love and love you back! . If you’re feeling desperate because you have hit rock bottom, Alexandrite will give you hope and encouragement. . #Alexandrite #AlexandriteRing #AlexandriteAndDiamonds #FineGold #Metanoia #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki #Matenoia #FineJewelry #Gold #Diamond #Crystals #24k #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki

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With unpredictable inflation rates, it seemed both reasonable and practical to look for other alternatives that won’t break the bank. Nowadays, there seems to be a growing trend in using more colored stones. Recognizing this demand, Metanoia offered new designs featuring some of their favorites such as emeralds known for its verdant color signifying love, fertility, life, and spring. Tanzanite, in fact, is a thousand times rarer than diamonds. Tanzanite is a blue variety of Zoisite that changes color from blue to indigo. It is a high vibration stone that resonates with the natural extrasensory abilities of the human being.

Metanoia believes in using stones that are meaningful to the couple such as birthstones. Here are some tips they shared on what to consider when choosing engagement rings:

  • Clients shouldn’t be afraid of adding a personal touch in an engagement ring’s design.

  • Engagement rings have to be sturdy since they are meant to be worn every day with the wedding band.

  • Wearability should be considered, as rings should be comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis without getting in the way of the wearer’s activities or even clothing.

  • Recycle heirloom pieces and add some glitter with reasonably priced smaller diamonds as good accent stones to increase its aesthetic appeal.

  • Research the metaphysical properties of the stones and sometimes you’ll be utterly surprised on how it fits like a glove to the person you’ll give it to.

Zapata advises  “I always tell my clients that weddings are usually one time occasions in a person’s life but engagement rings and wedding bands are meant to be worn every day and in most cases outlive the couple and handed down to future generations.”


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Let’s chase away the gloomy feels of these rainy days with this Hot Pink Tourmaline Ring set in 18 Karat Gold. Pink Tourmaline also known as Rubellite brings cognitive awareness and experience of Universal Love. Rubellite is a very positive crystal, and is supportive of those who work with it, bringing strength during any trials in one’s life. It has balancing properties which help one to move away from extremes, and into more equitable emotional and intellectual perspectives. #PinkTourmaline #Rubellite #RubelliteTourmaline #Matenoia#FineJewelry #Gold #Diamond #Crystals #24k #Metaphisics #Divination #Healing #HealingCrystals #LoveAndLight #Energy #Chakra #ChakraStones #Cabochon #Reiki

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Most of their jewelry is custom made and some pieces exclusively designed for a specific client but they also have ready-made pieces available. They have plans to put up a physical store sometime this year but all inquiries and business transactions are handled through their Instagram page, metanoia.mnl for the time being.






















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