February 14, 2019

What You Need to Prepare for Your Destination Prenup Shoot

If you’re planning to do your destination prenup shoot anytime soon, here are things you need to consider and prepare for to make the whole experience stress-free.

Getting a local photographer through SweetEscape from your country of choice is an experience. Not only do they take amazing photos, but you get a good chat filled with tips like the best places to eat, quaint cafés, and roadmaps to hidden gems around the country. The best part is, it’s so easy to book a photographer anywhere in the world—and the fact that you’re sure you’ll get best-quality photos. It’s definitely a no-fail plan!

To achieve the prenup photos of your dreams, here are some important things to consider when planning your shoot:

1. The availability of the location. The best part about getting SweetEscape to take your photos is how a local photographer could take you around, recommend scenic places you never knew existed, and help you talk to people to sort things out for you (especially in locations that require permits) so that the whole shoot goes smoothly.

2. The availability of changing rooms or powder rooms for outfit changes and makeup retouches. It is important to keep this in mind when you plan the theme of your shoot and your outfits. A good trick you could do is layering (start with a dress, add a coat) in each location. Statement pieces and accessories like earrings, hats, and hairpieces are also so much easier to bring around with you and will definitely add to your whole look—not to mention drama it would add to your portrait shots!

3. Footwear. They say good shoes take you to good places, but can you imagine lugging around a suitcase filled with shoes? Try to keep your shoe selection to two pairs: a nude, versatile pair of low-heeled shoes for casual looks and rough terrain, and your favorite pair of high heels for your glam look.

4. Don’t run out of poses! Sometimes, looking candid actually takes more effort, especially when you’re in front of a camera and shooting in multiple locations. One hack you could do is search for each location on Instagram and see the clever poses other people do (as well as poses you ought not to do). This also gives you ideas on which parts of the location are actually more picturesque.

5. Why not do more than one prenup shoot? You know that dilemma where you’re not sure if you want to do a cozy shoot where you’re just in your everyday look as a couple or you want to go all-out and do a suit and long gown pairing?

Here are two ways to go about it, and we’re glad to say that you could have the best of both worlds.

Make the most out of your trip and dedicate a day for the cozy shoot in your au naturale look. This session also serves as your warm up cause it’s such a good way to get comfortable in front of the camera without the pressure of pulling off hair and makeup looks you don’t get to wear every day. The chill vibe will also allow you to appreciate the scenery and make you realize the do’s and don’ts.

For your next shoot, you could finally glam it up and realize the prenup shoot of your dreams! By this time, you’ll be a pro in front of the camera and no frame would go to waste—thanks to everything you’ve learned in your previous shoot, maximizing your stay abroad and ending your trip with a million instagrammable photos that would last you until your first wedding anniversary and beyond!

SweetEscape is an online platform that connects you with local photographers around the world to capture your life’s most precious moments, anywhere in the world. SweetEscape is available in over 400 cities worldwide.

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