March 26, 2019

Evan and Chaley Yeung Takes Us Around the Best Parts of Japan

Newlyweds Evan and Chaley Yeung went around Japan for their prenup shoot and explored the cities of Sapporo, Furano, and Otaru. The entire shoot lasted three days, that’s three days filled with the most picturesque views.

“One of the main reasons we wanted to have our prenup taken at Hokkaido was simply because this was the same location where Evan ask for my hand in marriage. He knew I simply have this infatuation for music boxes, so he just had to do his proposal right in the music box capital in Otaru, Japan.”

Follow their three-day itinerary here:

The Yeungs’ first stop was Sapporo where they were able to capture those still, chilly nights you spend over a hot meal. The couple was also captured in familiar scenes from the movie ‘Kita Kita’.

On their second day, the Yeungs took a three-hour journey to the beautiful flower fields in Furano that were simply made of dreams. Contrary to their chill vibe in Sapporo, the Yeungs went for the direction of a whimsical theme, donning a delicate white dress and a gray suit.

The couple also didn’t miss the chance to take photos by the striking Blue Pond (Aoiike). 

They also took a stroll around the small city of Otaru where they took photos around the Saporro Governor’s Office. 

Staying true to their essence, they didn’t miss out on the chance to take photos by the beach on their third day. The beach carries heavy significance for the Yeungs since the other half of the couple, Chaley Tiu, also happens to be the owner of local swimwear brand Cesa.

And against the facade of unbelievably unique Japanese houses and infrastructure.

Photos by Randolf Evan Photography

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