June 24, 2019

#BridalBeauty: Paul Unating’s Doll-Like Muses

Our #BridalBeauty column aims to define every type of beauty for every bride. Brides can never be boxed in the classic looks or the current trends, because the most beautiful brides are the ones who look how they feel on their big day. Besides the most current makeup look where less is more, there is also beauty in the transformative where brides go all-out on their big day!

Makeup artist Paul Unating has been stunning his 40,000+ followers on Instagram with amazing beauty transformations. It’s every girl’s dream of getting that Disney Princess kind of makeover, only Paul uses his makeup brushes instead of a wand.

Paul draws inspiration from Thai Bridal Makeup that combines soft, smokey eyes and a fresh face.

“My favorite makeup look would be warm burgundy smokey eyes with shimmers. I can’t live without shimmers! ”

#BridalBeauty is far from being a one-day preparation, so here are tips from Paul on what you should and shouldn’t do before your big day:

  1. Stop using any skin peeling products 2 weeks before your wedding day.  
  2. Do your skin cleaning facial a week before your wedding and remember not to do any peel or laser treatments.  
  3. Drink a lot of water!
  4. Remember to use a moisturizer every night.  
  5. Don’t do eyelash perm or eyelash extensions. 
  6. Make sure you get 6-8 hours of sleep.

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