July 9, 2019

Dream Themes: Call of the Wild

Nothing speaks of a great adventure than the graceful, majestic and richly organic nuances of the African Safari. For couples that have a spirit for travel and exploration, the lush grasslands, earthy landscape, and dramatic vistas are great sources of inspiration for a wedding day. 

While there are obvious elements that come into play when thinking Safari, the intelligence and poetry in fusing luxe pieces, patterns, textures, and exotic materials are key in a tasteful rendition of modern eclecticism.

So we put to rest the cheetah prints and instead use snakeskin to nest black and white patterned dinnerware, flanked by bronze and gold cutlery. Black-upholstered gilded chairs and wooden crates surround a mirrored panel table with oversized black glass candle holders by the floor.

The table-scape is a playful savanna, peppered with faux antlers, zebra print runners, treasure chests, compasses, and burlap-shrubs. In contrast to the rugged organic elements, it is lit by varying levels of gilded candleholders, towering over twisted branches, dried foliage and clusters of exotic feathers and amber goblets, reinforcing the warm hues of the Serengeti color scheme.  

King and Pink ice proteas dominate the floral centerpieces softened by the pastels of champagne spray, peach avalanche, and vendela roses.  Hovering high above the table is a lush horizontal wreath of deep green and bronzed foliage, intermittently accentuated with woven cylindrical baskets, reminiscent of primitive African fish traps. 

For the bride to hold, a freeform bouquet of King Protea, Silver Dollar and Seeded Eucalyptus, and airplant are punctuated by exotic fowl feathers, strands of dried hay and gold branches. 

Black wrought iron rope and rustic gilded chandeliers pin atop a billowing tent, completing the intimate and luxurious feel of the event.  

You no longer need to travel halfway around the world to bring your wedding vision to life. The creative hive behind Natural Art can execute an updated and elevated modern take on your themed wedding, transforming any space into a dreamscape of adventure, at a cost that we can customize for you.

Event Stylist: Natural Art | Chairs, Tables. Cutleries, Plates, and Chandeliers: Gala Shop Rent | Trusses and Lighting: Fusion Pro | Venue: Conrad Manila; Forbes 3

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