September 9, 2019

#BridalBeauty: Brides Are Keeping up with the Glass Skin Trend by Mark Qua

We’ve first seen it on his always-glowing muses like Elisse Joson and soon-to-be mom of two Mariel Padilla. This year, more and more brides are signing up to wear the glass skin trend by Mark Qua to elevate their bridal glow.

We also can’t stop watching his videos showing us how he gives his brides that perfect glass skin using techniques he has perfected over time to give you just the right amount of coverage to cover your imperfections, but not too much to cover up your skin’s natural color and glow.

Another signature of Mark Qua is natural brows that perfectly frame the features of your face without dominating it, an indication that he is the type of artist who chooses to bring out the best of your natural features.

To complete the look, Mark gives his brides playful lashes that immediately makes their eyes look fresh and bright without using too much eyeshadow.

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