November 7, 2019

Love Under the Indian Sunset Captured by Mayad Studios

We’ve hit the -ber months, which means we are coming close to the perfect time and weather for traveling. By now, you might already have your itinerary all planned out with the person you’ll soon be saying ‘I do!’ to in a few months time. But before everything becomes a blur with all the serious wedding planning, make sure you make the most of your destination prenup shoot as a couple!

That is why in the coming months, we are sharing with you our favorite destination prenup shoots from all over the world. We are kicking the series off with Daryl Jimenea and Emgee Po’s shoot in Jaipur, India with Mayad Studios.

The couple shares how they envisioned their prenup shoot to turn out: “We didn’t want to have a prenup shoot just for the sake of it. Being in the industry as a wardrobe stylist and Mico as a photographer, we wanted to enjoy the whole experience while being casual about it. And since India has always been our dream destination, we were so engrossed with the idea of being photographed with a perfect backdrop in our most candid moments while we take in what India has to offer.”

We love it when couples go for travel OOTD’s instead of going for long gowns for their shoot as they walk through the city and amongst its people. The soon-to-wed couple’s style effortlessly blends into India’s backdrop, with Emgee being a professional stylist herself.

When you’re doing your prenup shoot abroad, make sure to bookmark hallmark structures the place has to offer and revel in the details inside those structures as well. Immerse yourself with the people and their daily routine as well to get the full experience of living like a local.

Another pro tip from #MayadJamie (Jamie Lihan) for couples is, “First, they have to consider logistics carefully, as it’s hard to plan out considering you have a lot of things to consider such as itinerary of the locations and the timing of the day; it’s also important to take note how much time should you need to shoot in one location, relating to how far each location is from another.”

The shoot locations were at Patrika Gate, Amer fort, Albert Hall, Nahargah Nort, City Palace. According to #MayadJamie, each location stunned in its picturesque beauty and intricate details that you’d run out of adjectives to sufficiently describe it.

As for the couple, here’s their checklist to achieve their vision: “I believe that to get the perfect photo, three things must be in sync : camera, styling and the perfect venue. Mayad is already a trusted photographer so angles, framing, direction etc. was by Mico (of Mayad).”

Photos by Michael Gonzales of Mayad Studios

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