December 12, 2019

Voltaire Zalamea and Sigfred Catalan Celebrate Two Decades of Decadence and Dedication

Words by Katrina Del Rosario

Two decades is no simple feat, so partners Voltaire Zalamea and Sigfred Catalan’s Events & Concepts (E&C) 20th Anniversary last October 16 at the Grand Palazzo Royale in Angeles City, Pampanga, is rightly resplendent and reflective of its creative and visionary journey.

E&C’s humble beginnings in 1999 allowed it to constantly practice the grit and hard work that builds the foundation under the glitz and glamor of any successful event. This quality of E&C has endeared it to many a bride and groom in Pampanga and Metro Manila. Besides organizing weddings, E&C has since expanded to satisfying clients in corporate, industrial, and government organizations for a myriad of events, such as concerts, inaugurations, bridal fairs, fashion shows, team-buildings, sales conferences, and many more.

“E&C is a full-service event company,” shares founder Voltaire Zalamea, “We can work from creative conceptualization and full event execution to post-event analysis…We’ve handled different kinds of clients—generous, demanding, even the most discriminating—here (in Pampanga) and in Metro Manila. We had a fair share of challenges that kept us motivated and determined all these years.”

Zalamea also observes the gradual transition of wedding trends and industries in Pampanga since E&C’s beginnings in 1999, and has kept up with them by keeping each and every client happy. The simple weddings of the 90’s has evolved into more elaborate and glamorous weddings of the present. And with the Kapampangan zeal for artistry and competitiveness, it has only allowed E&C more room for growth and creativity, and this has never been more apparent with its 20th anniversary celebration. Its luxurious styling and lush décor is both a celebration and a sampling for future clients on what one could expect when working with Zalamea and his E&C team.

Zalamea also credits much of E&C success with keeping an open mind and working with millenials in his team. “They said it’s difficult to work with millenials,” he shares in an interview on-site at the E&C 20th anniversary celebration, “but for me it’s worked on my advantage. It made me, or rather, it helped me think younger, think more dynamic, and more creative.”

Truly, the best hallmark of a great event isn’t solely in the number of crystal chandeliers, or the breadth of its charcuterie spread, but in the joy it brings to the people who walk through its doors, and are reminded of its splendor for years to come. This quality is what keeps E&C’s clients wanting more, and what keeps E&C’s hardworking team to grow even more to meet and exceed everyone’s expectations. This is precisely what keeps Events & Concepts at the top pedestal of premium events and wedding planning not only in Pampanga, but beyond.

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Photos by Paolo Feliciano

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