April 2, 2020

The wedding industry is fighting back against COVID-19

Some of the biggest names are stepping up to face the coronavirus (Words by Aurelio Icasiano III)

It’s been two weeks since the start of the enhanced community quarantine and during that time, larger events all over the country have either been canceled or postponed. This, of course, includes weddings.  

The wedding industry has been one of the worst affected sectors in the country, with the quarantine derailing preparations that have spanned months or even years. For now, there’s no clear answer as to how to resolve these delays and cancellations. Still, that hasn’t stopped wedding suppliers from contributing to the ongoing fight to contain the coronavirus.

Most of their efforts have been focused on providing supplies to medical facilities, which are experiencing a shortage of protective gear and medical equipment. Though some have chosen different, though equally important, means to reach out.  And with their status and influence, these suppliers lend the fight some much needed reach.

From financial donations to manufacturing protective equipment, here’s how wedding suppliers are helping overcome one of the worst crises in recent history.

Patty Ang

With personal protective equipment (PPE) in short supply all over the country, hospitals are scrambling to procure suits to safeguard the health of their frontliners. Designer Patty Ang has stepped up to clothe healthcare workers, using her atelier to create PPE suits instead of her usual gowns and dresses. In a recent post on Instagram, Ang said: “In light of recent events, we heartfully decided to somewhat continue making garments, not only to clothe people but more importantly to protect them.”

The Pampanga Designers and Friends

The number of COVID-19 cases is increasing in Pampanga, and the province’s designers have decided to band together to help the efforts against the novel coronavirus. The group is currently producing medical face masks, which they then distribute to hospitals, frontliners, and volunteers. The group includes wedding and events planner Voltaire Zalamea, events stylist Pancho Pantig, and numerous fashion designers from Pampanga namely: Santino Rivera, Mich Viray, Glen Canlas, Noel Calma, Mama Shine, Philip D. Torres, Marlon Tuazon, Frederick Policarpio, Manny Ocampo, Cholo Ayuyao, Andy De Leon, Brit Tripudio, Carl John Miranda, Danica Zita, Jhaymer Ferrer, Lui Jhune Angeles, Jojo Macapinlac, Manelle Chamian, Rich Sabinian, Richard Hill, RJ Ryan, Rop Syquia, Rosette Ramos, and Adrian Sahagun.

Mich Viray taking a snapshot of their DIY acetate shields.
Pampanga suppliers send out these masks to our beloved front-liners in Angeles.
PPEs by Pampanga designers
Masks, PPEs and face shields donated to hospitals in Angeles City
DIY face masks in progress
For more donations you may contact Voltaire Zalamea at or Pancho Pantig at

Michael Leyva

As a fashion designer, Michael Leyva is used to having his creations worn on the runway. These days, though, you can see a Michael Leyva piece in hospital hallways. His atelier has taken to producing and distributing PPEs to frontliners, some of which had been using improvised suits made of plastic cover or garbage bags to protect themselves.

Jason Magbanua

The renowned videographer has recently joined the fight. In a Facebook post, Magbanua extended a discounted rate to anyone who plans to book his services next year. Once the date has been locked in and the down payment sent, Magbanua will donate P25,000 under the client’s name to one of these organizations: Rock Ed, Sitio San Roque, and Kaya Natin PH. Each of these has been raising funds to help fight COVID-19, and given how Magbanua’s slate is almost always full years in advance, this can quickly rack up the numbers.

Albert Kurniawan

It’s not just protective equipment and medical supplies that frontliners need. They also have to take care of themselves physically and mentally, so they can keep on doing what they do. Albert Kurniawan—makeup artist and founder of the cosmetics brand, Teviant—is distributing Teviant care kits to frontliners. Kurniawan also included this message with every kit: You are Brave. You Are Strong. You are Beautiful. 

That’s something all of us need to hear right now. 

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