June 3, 2020

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing Celebrates Wedding Month

Words by Ian Belleza

June is finally here, and while it’s traditionally the month for weddings, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to celebrations in the real world. 

Animal Crossing—the wildly popular social simulation video game—is joining in on this festive tradition.

For those who aren’t into video games, Animal Crossing is a series developed and published by Nintendo and created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami.  It’s a game where the player’s character lives in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals, doing a bunch of activities like fishing, catching bugs, and even fossil hunting. 

As you can guess, having this much depth and variety has made it incredibly immersive. And it lets people get into hobbies that they probably wouldn’t get to do in the real world, whether it’s because of the lockdown or the lack of time or the likelihood of the hobby being available where they live. But now, the game is stepping a little into real world territory as it celebrates wedding month.

For June, Animal Crossing has launched a wedding anniversary photo and event styling challenge that lasts the whole month. In this game feature, we join the main characters—Cyrus and Reese—as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. (Make sure to check for software updates to take part in it.)

The wedding session will kickstart with an announcement from Isabell in the town, saying that love’s in the air. You will then receive a call from Harvey requesting that you assist him in his island studio because he has a lovely couple staying in his cabin. 

Going to the Dodo airport, you can arrange a flight going to Harvey’s Island.  When you get to the island, you’ll be introduced by Harvey to Cyrus and Reese,  and you’ll then have access to Harvey’s cabin for the whole month. 

At the event, you’ll be tasked with taking the couple’s photo, fixing the lights, and setting up according to Reese’s liking. 

For decorations, your main task is to design, recreate, and reimagine Cyrus and Reese’s wedding. Every day, Reese will provide a theme for you to work with. 

Don’t’ worry Cyrus will provide all necessary materials and items you’ll need. After fixing the layout, the couple will ask you to take a photo of them with the decoration you created. 

The newly-weds and Ian

You’ll be happy to know that accomplishing tasks for the wedding anniversary shoot has its rewards. At first, Reese will give you a wedding bench to show their gratitude for helping them with the photo and decorations. But the most exciting part is that Reese will hand over a heart crystal as thanks. This is no simple gift. The heart crystal is limited edition currency in Animal Crossing, which you can use to buy items in the game. 

The players are mostly going to receive a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 11 heart crystals a day if you meet Reese’s criteria and upon meeting the daily theme. Just use one or two items from Cyrus for the challenge to make sure that you met the couple’s criteria.  Don’t forget to customize the items to meet Reese’s themes!

Remember, Cyrus will happily trade with you for items you used during the reception. For the trade, you’ll need to use the heart crystals you gained from the Animal Crossing wedding anniversary photo shoot. There are total of 26 unique wedding items during the session.

This video game wedding session is a fun and unique way to celebrate and remember your own happy moments. If you’re a couple planning to get married, give this game a spin this season. You might even get some inspiration out of it. 

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