Wedding Essentials

Souvenirs your guests would actually keep

Weddings favors are tokens of your love with the people who witnessed your marriage. One way or another it has to be nice, memorable and practical! Gone are the days when you just store your souvenirs beside the frames for like forever! So here’s the list that WE recommend which […]

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Blog repost: A life of Adventure

They say life is a journey. The adventures we go through become more memorable with our special someone. Here’s Ms. Patty Laurel’s take on pursuing your passion with your partner. Read up!   A Life of Adventure Bali. Paris. Hong Kong. Dubrovnik. Brisbane. Bohol. Singapore. New York. Cebu. Sydney. Balesin. […]

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Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Menu

Aside from all things beautiful and dainty, there is something that leaves an impression in every wedding- Food. Nine out of ten couples you ask will tell you that reception menu is one of the main considerations when budgeting for their wedding. After all, what is a celebration without good […]

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