#BridalBeauty: How to Wear Pearls Under Your Veil

By Vennette Lailani Seprado Pearls have been a fashion staple for centuries. Mughal rulers casually piled multi-stranded pearls with other precious gemstones in their everyday wear while the Elizabethans enthusiastically incorporated these lustrous little beads into their wardrobe and elaborate hairstyles. In the early 20th century, iconic fashion designer Coco […]

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#BridalBeauty: Paul Nebres Shows Us the Right Way to Do the Hairclip Trend

You’ve probably seen the latest trend on hair blings worn on a more polished take on nostalgic 90’s inspired hairstyles. These beautiful, minimalist hairpins make your whole look a little bit more delicate. The variations range from vintage gold pins, pearl-studded pins, and jewel-encrusted pins. Celebrity and bridal hairstylist Paul Nebres shows us how […]

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#BridalBeauty: Ennah Trinidad Defines Classic and Timeless Glam

Whenever we ask brides how they want to look on their wedding day, these two words are the most frequently said: classic and timeless. But what does classic and timeless look like? It means looking just like how you do every day, but with the enhancement of your best features: livelier eyes, extra glow, a bit of […]

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