Designer Feature: Tony Evan

Take one good look at his Instagram feed and you’ll see that there is more to Tony Evan than what meets the eye. From photos of his deconstructed creations to the melancholic mood art, each curated block chimes poetry. Speaking with Tony only confirms this. For him, every word spoken and every stitch sewn resembles a personal sentiment.

Evan’s signature aesthetic – modern yet regal, sleek yet structured – one that isn’t quite common in bridal design, isn’t made for the faint of heart or the traditional conservatives. He takes inspiration from Da Vinci’s sketches and the sculptural works of Bernini and Michelangelo. His passion for baroque art and its dramatic aspect is apparent in the stories that surround his creations. These inspire him to focus on the art and craftsmanship of fashion design. Each garment is the self-representation of those with a firm belief in themselves. The go-getters. The ones who are lucky enough to live life with full conviction about who they are.

In a world teeming with designers who want to get noticed, this young designer has constructed a safe haven for himself, catering to a very specific niche – a roster of women with a self-assured sense of style.

“There are so many in the wedding industry who are good at what they do. But, I have a point of view unlike any other. Most of my brides are surprisingly decisive. They tell me the moment they see our Instagram page, they know I’m their guy. They’re not really into traditionally romantic bridal gowns festooned with lace and flowers from neckline to hem. I can sense they have a different idea of femininity, and they want to express that in their choice of bridal gown.”

Although he stumbled into the wedding industry mostly through a great demand, Tony has found gratification in this business. Whatever the future brings for this young designer, it will be an interesting ride we surely won’t want to miss.

Photos by Ria Regino

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