July 14, 2017

4 Classic Hairstyles for Every Bride

May it be on your big day or decades after when your children would look at your wedding photos, these classic bridal hairstyles would always be a trend in the fashion of forever.

Vintage Glam

There’s no hairstyle that spells power and confidence more than a sleek high updo. This look that is inspired by the fashion of the 60’s is perfect for the classic, practical, no-fuss bride. The last thing you want to worry about are your curls straightening out because of the humid weather in Tagaytay or a garden wedding in the summer. The best part is, an updo shows the features of your face.

You can also take it to the next level with a headpiece that translates this classic hairstyle to today’s modern woman.

Simple Sophistication

A low bun is a sure way to achieve the classic, sophisticated look that easily makes any bride look serene, soft, and captivating with her simplicity. The elegant low bun could be accentuated with metallic hairpieces, pearls, or even flowers.

Goddess Waves 

Let your crowning glory flow with nature’s breeze. Goddess waves suits a young, modern, and carefree bride who prefers a more relaxed style for her big day.And as a symbol of her royalty, her flowing curls are topped off with a jewel-encrusted headpiece.

To achieve this look, make sure you hire a hairstylist who uses just the right amount of products on your hair. Too much hairspray could make you go from goddess to Goldilocks, and you wouldn’t want that. A hairstylist’s tip for this hairstyle is: do not wash your hair the day before your wedding so that it’s easier to curl your hair, and the curls stay longer.

Modern Romantic 

Old-school dreamy yet contemporary—the messy updo makes a statement for the young, creative, and fashion-forward bride. If you can’t decide whether you’ll go for a goddess or classic look, this hairstyle is the perfect middle ground. You can also accessorize it with stones or flowers for a more ethereal feel.


Credits: Photos by Dookie Ducay, Hair by Jan Edrosolan and Makeup by Gery Penaso

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