August 5, 2017

Divine Lee gets married–IN STYLE!

One thing made us giddy with excitement when we started seeing photos of Divine Lee’s wedding to Blake Go in our Instagram feed: FASHION!

When a fashion gal gets married, everyone sets their eyes on THE GOWN. But a true fashion gal like Divine Lee will not miss a single detail from head to toe, so let’s analyze the details one by one:

The GOLD gown

This golden, structured, embellished gown by Rajo Laurel has set the GOLD STANDARD of all wedding gowns. Whoever said you have to wear white on your wedding has never seen a golden gown before. Let’s just leave it at that.

Instagram photo by Tim Yap. @officialtimyap.

And of course, a wedding dress as elaborate as this was perfectly paired with minimalist calla lilies.

Instagram photo by Tim Yap. @officialtimyap


The custom-made shoes

It is in the fashion bible that good shoes take you places! And bride Divine Lee made sure of that with custom-made heels by Shiela de Jesus.

Instagram photo by Sheila de Jesus. @bysheiladejesus

Instagram photo by Sheila de Jesus. @bysheiladejesus

Instagram photo by Sheila de Jesus. @bysheiladejesus

Instagram photo by Sheila de Jesus. @bysheiladejesus

The hair

Taking a break from big curls and buns, Divine Lee dons waist-long, jet black, straight hair parted in the center. So refreshing and subtly daring!

Instagram photo by Pat Dy. @patdy11

The plunging jumpsuit–with a veil!

Before the wedding ceremony, #finalLEEshesaidGO in a super stylish plunging jumpsuit complete with a veil! Proving civil weddings need not be understated!

Instagram photo by Charmaine Palermo. @charmainepalermo

A color-coordinated SQUAD

The wedding guests clearly understood the wedding theme and incorporated it with their personal fashion mantras. We can’t wait to see after-party photos!

Instagram photo by @iamfperez

Instagram photo by @iamfperez



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