August 7, 2017

The Bride in Black

The #WildFlowerWildestWedding episode has yet to be aired, but #TheBrideInBlack is already creating an online flurry where BTS photos of the ‘wedding’ have been released in advance.

Ivy Aguas (our favorite bidang kontrabida) played by none other than Maja Salvador, wore a stunning black ball gown by designer Val Taguba who paired it with a black veil. Who knew a black wedding gown would look this exquisite!


Instagram photo by @iammajasalvador.


Just think of all the possibilities for photo pegs! It’s so much extra drama. WE love it!

Instagram photo by @majasalvadorfanpage.


Instagram photo by @majasalvadorfanpage.

And if you’re game to do an all-out black and white themed wedding photo album, a black wedding dress easily makes it look like it stepped out of a film noir.

Instagram photo by @caridadsoniaherrera.


Instagram photo by @caridadsoniaherrera.

If you think that it’ll be more challenging to piece such an unconventional look together, think again! Ivy Aguas completes her whole look with a classic headpiece and a semi-choker diamond necklace.

Instagram photo by @iammajasalvadorfanpage


Instagram photo by @cocomarjz


With a deep purple bouquet of flowers as the final touch.

Instagram photo by @majasalvadorfanpage


Who knew revenge could look so good?


Instagram photo by @iammajasalvador.

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