August 24, 2017

Blog repost: A life of Adventure

They say life is a journey. The adventures we go through become more memorable with our special someone. Here’s Ms. Patty Laurel’s take on pursuing your passion with your partner. Read up!


A Life of Adventure

Bali. Paris. Hong Kong. Dubrovnik. Brisbane. Bohol. Singapore. New York. Cebu. Sydney. Balesin. Bangkok. Barcelona. Tokyo. Bacolod. Borneo. Seattle. Normandy. Reykjavik. Davao. Vegas. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Normandy.  Baler. Gold Coast. Kuala Lumpur. Siem Reap. These are just some of the cities we’ve discovered together in our first 2.5 years of marriage. Yes, it’s been QUITE an adventure and I really am thankful for all the memories we were able to form because of these life experiences.

Traveling with your spouse is an irony in itself. You get to leave your comfort zone by traveling to new and foreign destinations yet at the same time, you bring the comfort of home along with you (after all, your husband is your home and you’re his home too!). It’s discovering the unfamiliar hand-in-hand with someone so familiar. Am I making sense?!?! Oh how I wish I was a better wordsmith so I could explain it more appropriately. Sorry guys, my preggy brain is making it more difficult to compose cohesive thoughts these days. My baby is sucking all my genius! All .000789% of it! Hehehe!

BUT as much as I’m an advocate for travel and exploration, I still believe that you can live an adventurous, eventful, and colorful life even if you are just stationed in just one place. I’ve encountered so many seasoned travelers with ho-hum lives, sure they have the moolah to take them all around the world but if they don’t have the right attitude towards travel, then all those trips are just a waste of time and money. And in the same way, I’ve met people who have never left their hometown—but have such interesting lives because they’ve chosen to be intentional with their daily activities and make it a point to read and learn something new about themselves and the world each day. In the end, it’s all about the KIND of LIFE you want to live and how determined you are to make it work 

“Yes, I’ll admit I feel very, very, very lucky to have had the chance to discover the world in a very tangible way. And I am twice as lucky to have a husband who shares the same passion for travel.”

It’s because of our trips that I was able to discover my husband’s quirks and charms (and vice versa—ay ako, puro charms lang, no quirks! I’m perfect, DUH!), we also were able to figure out our own rhythm as a couple, and build solid memories through all our experiences on the road. But in my heart of hearts, I also do know that if travel is something that we won’t have the luxury to enjoy anymore in the coming years—as much as I’ll miss it, I don’t think the lack of travel will also dull my life in any way. Travel definitely adds color but the absence of it doesn’t diminish the quality of your life at all. I will still be determined to make a positive impact on my own life, the life of my husband and of our kids though our everyday adventures.

I’d like to think that one’s sense of adventure never ends, it just comes in different waves and forms. Your sense of adventure is defined by the season you’re in, and although they may look different in each stage of your life… the thrill, the excitement and satisfaction are all still there. Whether you’re Single, Engaged, Married, Married with Kids, Married with No Kids, Retired—-all of us are destined to live exciting lives!! There’s no fixed formula to follow, God makes each life story FUN and MEANINGFUL.

Today, I just wanted to celebrate all the adventures Patrick and I have been on. I just came from the OB Gyne and realized that I have barely 7 weeks to go. In a few weeks, we will be parents and our lives will change forever. It won’t be just YOU&ME, in just a little over a month we’ll be THREE! An actual family unit! Gaaaaaahhhhh!!! I know I’ll miss this—just us two, but at the same time, I know that our love for each other will grow even deeper once our baby arrives.


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