January 8, 2018

Bridal Beauty Checklist

Whether it be for yourself, or the groom, or the guests, every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. There’s an added pressure to look great when you know that all eyes will be on you. Good thing we’ve got you covered. Follow this checklist and you’re on the way to putting the bloom in blooming bride.

6 months before the wedding, you should:

Prep your skin

You need an expert’s advice in order to get  your skin to achieve its best condition yet. If you have any skin concerns – be it acne, dry skin, oiliness or dullness, your trusty dermatologist can walk you through what you need to combat it.

Finalize your hair and makeup look

After choosing the dress of your dreams, you have to finalize which hair and makeup suits it best. Should you go for a bolder look or a neutral one? It’s best to experiment with different hair and makeup artists early on and see which one you like the most.

Find your wedding workout

As with your skin, it’s best to get an expert to help you out on this one. Work with a trainer and set a goal. Do you just need toning, or do you want to lose weight? If there’s a body part that needs a lift, let your trainer know and he’ll be able to give you a routine to target specific problem areas.

2 months before the wedding, you should:

Get a facial treatment

With the big day looming over your head, it can be easy to lose your glow. Getting a treatment helps you correct some problems and boost the effect of your skincare routine. The effect of these treatments can last a while, and are perfect for soon-to-be brides.

Reinforce those pearly whites

To ensure that you’re camera-ready all the time, get over your fear of the dentist and just go. You can get a cleaning treatment or a whitening treatment f0r an oscar-winning smile.

2 weeks before the wedding, you should:

Tame your mane

If you’re looking into getting a new color or cut, or simply just want to revive your locks, doing it 2 weeks prior to the wedding is the perfect time. Your hair treatment will still be fresh on your wedding day. And, if there are things you want to change, you still got time to have them redone.

3 days before the wedding, you should:

Get a gel mani and pedi

We reccomend gel manicures as opposed to the normal ones because they last longer (maybe even until your honeymoon). Normal manicures can easily chip, and you’d want to avoid having a last-minute stop at the nail salon at all costs.


This may be the most important part of this checklist. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – relax. Taking some time off from being on bridezilla mode will help you focus on the more important things. Heading to the spa before your big day will better your complexion and overall aura.


You have to remember that no matter how perfect you want your wedding to be for your guests, ultimately, it is your day. So remember to focus on yourself as well.


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