February 9, 2018

The Search for the Perfect Bridal Flats Are Over

Let’s be honest, a whole day wearing heels is something only the ultimate fashion girls have mastered. Some of them even revealed that they carry foldable flats in their bags. For the rest of us, wearing heels for long periods of time can be excruciating. Imagine doing that and wearing a heavy wedding gown to boot. Thankfully, the fashion gods have heard our pleas, and more and more brands have ventured into creating wedding-ready flats for brides who prioritize both fashion and comfort. And since we are here to help all of you brides-to-be, we’ve taken the liberty in rounding up some brands to end your search for the perfect bridal flats.

1. Keds x Kate Spade

Keds and Kate Spade recently released their bridal sneaker collection, which we’re more than excited about. Featuring a pristine white and silver collection with glitters, gems, and pearls, this collection is a serious elevation and deviation from normal sneakers which we wouldn’t mind wearing on a daily basis.

2. Yosi Samra

Known for their extreme comfortability and portability, the foldable Yosi Samra flats have been a cult favorite for as long as we can remember. Now, they’ve given their signature ballet flats a bridal upgrade in neutral floral patterns and light hued glitters – all with the same promise of maximum comfort.

3. Jimmy Choo

An A-lister in the bridal shoe category, Jimmy Choo has an array of shoe styles at hand for every bride. You can choose from plain janes to headturners,  and everything in between. These lace-covered pointed flats are as romantic as you can get.

Glitter, pink, and flat – everything we love in a shoe is in this pair.

When we think nothing can get fancier than glittered shoes, Jimmy Choo proved us wrong. Their new bridal collection, aptly called “Cinderella”, contains Swarovski-encrusted shoes in silver, gunmetal, and gold. Every pair is easily a bling-packed style stunner.

4. Perfect Match

A local contender in the shoe industry, Perfect Match provides a unique attribute to the shoes they sell – each one of these shoes is especially customized for the buyer. This is perfect for brides who have a specific vision about what they want.

5. Converse

Nothing provides legit street credibility much like the good old chucks. Wearing the all-white Chuck Taylors is a great option, but what if we tell you that the all-stars have a shinier, glittered sister? Yes, you heard that right. Glittered chucks. (And since we get excited about anything that shines, this one didn’t need a second glance to get into the shopping cart even if we’re not getting married yet.)

More than just glitter, this sequined one is all your mermaid dreams come to life.



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