April 13, 2018

Ultimate Fashion Girl Nicole Warne Ties the Knot

Nicole Warne, better known to most as Gary Pepper Girl, is one of the first few fashion bloggers who took the internet – and designers – by storm. With her gorgeous oriental features, signature bob, and wing-tipped eyes, she’s a muse to runway giants like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. And now, she’s added one more role to her multifaceted repertoire – as wife and muse to photographer and her longtime partner Luke Shadbolt. We’ve been anticipating her wedding since she posted about her engagement in 2015. He proposed to her in Japan, on a boat, in the midst of sakura blossoms floating around. Needless to say, this proposal was as dreamy as their usual sartorial takes.

A few days ago, Nicole posted a few photos and a Vogue link of what we’ve all been waiting for – their glorious wedding photos. The two got wed in New Zealand, in what could be one of the most picturesque weddings of all time.

Nicole had three dresses – an Oscar dela Renta velvet gown for the reception, a romantic bespoke Valentino for the ceremony, and a more daring Dion Lee one for the afterparty.

She opted for minimal shoes and accessories to highlight the gowns.

Nicole said she tried to veer away from having a typical rustic wedding. The details – from the invites to the gowns to the afterparty concept – were impeccable.

“My wedding and engagement rings by Sarah and Sebastian. I kept the stones from the ring Luke proposed with but redesigned it, which Sarah and Sebastian reset for me. It’s a yellow sapphire with white diamonds on each side on a fine gold band,” says Nicole.

Luke wore a custom Giorgio Armani green velvet tuxedo with black satin lapels.

At the afterparty, the couple put up a neon light with the words “Shut up & kiss me”, which Nicole says Luke used during their first meeting. “This was the terrible pick up line Luke used when we met. I can’t believe it worked but here we are, 11 years later. I thought it would be funny to get a neon sign made just to remind everyone how hilarious it was.”

Photos by Shane Shepherd c/o Vogue Magazine

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