May 18, 2018

Love at Second Sight

Bensie and Riza Ibuyan’s love story is a straight path to forever, even if it took ten years to figure that out. They met back in college through Riza’s blockmate, Det, who happens to be Bensie’s sister-in-law. But back then, Riza didn’t really give Bensie a second look and will remember him as ‘Det’s little brother’.

“She thought of me as that smelly high school kid back then. We just say hi and hello to each other and that’s it. It would be safe to say that we were nothing more than acquaintances then.”

Ten years later, fate brought them back together at the baptism of Det’s third child where Riza arrived late because she didn’t know that the role of being a godmother was assigned to her. Upon seeing her, Bensie’s heart skipped a beat and butterflies fluttered in his stomach, so he knew he had to do something about it. He had to make a move.

“We had small talk and I was feeling kind of nervous because I was really smitten by her during that night which resulted to me blabbering awkwardly and told her, “Yeah I still remember you, you were the girlfriend of my neighbor.”  To which she replied, “That was a very long time ago.” That’s when our moment ended, to which I thought, “I blew my chance to make a connection with her!”

Bensie didn’t take the ‘failed startup conversation’ as a sign to stop pursuing Riza. Instead, he gathered up all his courage to get her number, which turned to calls, talking over Skype, and dates.

Riza was undoubtedly breathtaking on her wedding day, especially in her clean. crisp wedding dress by designer Jaz Cerezo that fell perfectly against the wedding’s minimalist theme with the backdrop of the beauty of Boracay.

“What makes our relationship special is that it is a true partnership where we are both open to constantly learn more and more about one another. Even during hard times, we see what is good and special about one another. She is the most special lady in my life and I am very excited to spend everyday with her.”



Church: Holy Rosary Parish, Boracay | Reception: Astoria Current, Boracay | After party place: Seabird Resort, Boracay | Video: Lula Films | Photo: LoveTrain Studios | Make-up artist: Ella Capistrano-Orea | Bride’s wedding dress: Jaz Cerezo| Invitation: Perez NuMedia, Inc. | Wedding giveaways: Ecoverde, The Fragrant Pharmacy | Principal Sponsor gift: iEmboss Enterprises | Groom’s suit: Emil Bataller | Bridesmaid dresses: Cristy Larrosa Oliver | Paraw sail: Rey Tayco | Sand castle: Milton Tayco | Chori Burger stand: Merly’s Barbecue, Boracay | On-the-day wedding coordinator: Mulberry Events | DJ: Phil Ryan Paril / DJ Vintrix

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BG Bridal Gallery PH
May 29, 2018 at 7:55 am

The bride’s dress is the definition of simple, elegant and classy! Loving it!


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