July 31, 2018

Marry Me at Marriott 2018: Mak Tumang’s Modern Princesses

If a fairy godmother suddenly appeared out of nowhere, whips out her wand, and tells you that she will make you your dream dress, how do you imagine it to be? It’s a good thing we have Mak Tumang, who is famed for creating every girl’s dream dress. Mak expertly mixes carefully constructed fabrics with crystals and decorates each dress with his signature laser-cut floral embellishments. Every dress also had a different silhouette, proving that Mak could go beyond the ballgowns he’s known for.

Another thing we couldn’t stop thinking about, though, is the styling of Rey Santos, The Wedding Stylist, for this collection. It definitely gave the collection a vintage feel with the sunnies and bouquet headpieces (literally), defining the muse for the collection: current and empowered modern princesses.



Photos by Niceprint Photography

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