August 1, 2018

Marry Me at Marriott 2018: Amir Sali Bead-Dazzles

By Vennette Lailani Seprado

Amir Sali, known as the “Prince of Beads” presented a dazzling collection of flamboyant bridal designs with exaggerated silhouettes.  The Paris trained designer, who for a time was based in Saudi Arabia, showcased his penchant for drama through his exquisite beadwork and choice of opulent fabrics.

A maximalist by heart, his ornate accessories were some of the most memorable that evening. The theatrical styling of the models with their towering hairstyles and glittery makeup was a sight to behold.  Amir’s lavish take on fashion is for a woman who literally wants to shine swathed in all things luxurious.



Photos by Niceprint Photography

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