August 6, 2018

Bridal Beauty: Leo Posadas’s Bright Beauties

Leo Posadas has a magic touch that gives life and brightness to the face of his clients. His looks are always refined, soft, and glowing. He is also well-known for the dramatic second look he gives his clients, showing his mastery of both day and night looks.

As a celebrity makeup artist, Leo admits that doing bridal makeup is more technical and costly. He advises that brides should undergo a trial makeup a month before her wedding day in order to find her best look.

What we love about Leo is how his signature looks are not pegged to beauty trends. Rather, you could see the expertise he has honed throughout the years and the countless faces he has beautified with how he gets the best look for his muses.

Here are Leo’s tips to look radiant on your big day:

  1. Get a professional wedding coordinator. Getting enough beauty rest is a must, so make sure to get all sources of stress out of your way in your wedding planning.
  2. Commit to a skincare regimen 2-3 weeks before your wedding.
  3. Get your hair colored to lighten and soften up your overall look.


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