August 20, 2018

Ting Hun Cakes by Mannix Peña

Mannix Peña is famously known for the intricate, porcelain-like blooms he decorates his cakes with. This trademark of his has then become a perfect match for Filipino-Chinese couples who commission him to do their cakes for the Ting Hun Ceremony. And who knew that Ting Hun traditions could transition into modern times this beautifully?

Nowadays, cakes for the ceremony are not confined to the colors red and gold. Cakes by Mannix shows us, the creative use of blush pinks and light blue hues reminiscent of the color of the Chinese porcelain with speckles of gold is not the upcoming trend for this tradition.

With a long list of traditions to follow, we asked Mannix which rules are actually still applied in making the Ting Hun Cake.

  1. The cakes need to be in pairs with the name of the bride on one cake and the name of the grooom in the other.
  2. The double happiness sign must be present on both cakes.

If you want to spruce up the touches of Chinese culture on your cakes, you can request for a more intricate design from Mannix.

“The cake should exude love, luck, and abundance.”

“I tend to go for more of the blush pinks, beige or even light blue grey with gold and with complimenting flower. Generally the colors should be more happy and light.”


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One Comment on “Ting Hun Cakes by Mannix Peña

Fiferson Wu
August 24, 2018 at 3:42 pm

Those are seriously awesome cakes! Time to order 2! Thank you for giving us this idea, WE.


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