September 18, 2018

#YoungAndKrizzzie: Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s Ting Hun Ceremony

PBB Big Winner Slater Young and blogger Kryz Uy shared their Ting Hun ceremony on social media, and we love how the couple obviously had a lot of fun throughout the traditional Chinese celebration.

Kryz looked like a modern Chinese princess and took the unconventional route by wearing a silver dress by Ronald Enrico instead of the usual auspicious red.

There is a long list of Ting Hun traditions that modern Filipino-Chinese couples still practice these days. We spotted the following in the #YoungandKryzzzie ceremony:

  1. A pair of wedding cakes with the couple’s name on each of them.
  2. Larger-than-life sin-na baskets.
  3. Jewelry in red boxes with “sang-hee” (double happiness 囍) stickers.
  4. Fruits in baskets.
  5. Floral bouquets given to mothers and grandmothers.
  6. A couple of ang-paos.



Photos by Rock Paper Scissors

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