October 8, 2018

Bridal Beauty: Effie Inigo Takes Bridal Makeup One Step Further

Whether a celebrity or a bride is sitting on her makeup chair, Effie Iñigo achieves a fresh, dewy and radiant finish on her muses. But her signature look wouldn’t be complete without a pop of color on the lids and defined eyes.

When it comes to collaborating with the bride, Effie takes makeup trials one step further by doing a ‘practice run’ of the makeup look– asking the bride to wear her makeup the whole day as she goes on with her normal routine. The goal is to see how the makeup products react to her skin type throughout the day, it’s even a plus if the bride sweats!

“A practice run would allow me to study how the makeup reacts to the certain type of skin that my clients have, giving me a chance to improve the makeup more for the wedding day.”

Effie also has veils prepared in her makeup studio so that they could really envision the whole look of the bride on her wedding day. With her no-fail trial makeup process, she doesn’t exclude brides who don’t have time to do a trial makeup and allows collaboration through text messaging.

Photo by Metro Photo

Here’s Effie’s recommended skin prep before your big day:

  1. 6 months to go: Practice good skin maintenance by building your skin regimen. Compound the effects by drinking a lot of water, getting adequate sleep, exercising and maintaining a well-balanced diet.
  2. 1 month to go: Get a gentle exfoliation treatment like a light chemical peel or a gentle laser treatment. You can also get a series of 3 facials for the whole month.
  3. One week to go: Get a depuffing facial, it usually helps de-puff and makes your eyes look less tired.



For inquiries and bookings, you can contact Effie Inigo through 09173207500 or [email protected]



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