October 26, 2018

Delicate and Minimalist Tablescapes in Tadhana 2018

The industry’s top event stylists exhibited the latest trends for tablescape you should consider on your wedding day. We are doing a 2-part series for the tablescape category starting off with the more delicate and minimalist taste.

Amante Fleurs boasted an overarching ring of white flowers that are reminiscent of couples’ eternity rings. White orchids and roses tinted with the softest pink line the whole table and complemented with plates stenciled with flora.

Creaseperson and Co. went with pastel blooms paired with porcelain vases. This could also serve as the perfect tablescape for your Ting Hun!

Dave Sandoval went all-out with baby’s breath flowers sparsely decorated with white roses. The warm candle glow completed the romantic feel of the setup and we also love the fact that there aren’t tall centerpieces that prevent guest exchanges.

Badang Rueda went for a clean and classic look for his tablescape accented with sleek black


Photos by Niceprint Photography

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