November 14, 2018

#TiuBeYeungForever: Young Couple Pulls off a Vintage Film Prenup Shoot

Belonging to a generation where photos are uploaded online and rarely printed and framed in the most frequented rooms in the household, a young couple does something different for their prenup shoot by commissioning photographer Jay Javier to use film and vintage cameras for the shoot. Javier used a variety of cameras like the Kodak D2 large format view camera as the main camera, which is one of those cameras that requires a loupe and a curtain to compose properly, exactly how they did it in the 1900s.

Bride-to-be Chaley Tiu channeled her creative self (she is a designer and entrepreneur of well-known swimsuit brand called Cesa) and collaborated with her future hubby Evan Yeung who’s not only a photographer himself, but succeeds a generation of photographers as well (his late grandfather and father are both part of the booming photo industry in the 20th century). This is why he continues to use film cameras until today, which he considers as a tribute to his forefathers and to maintain the tradition of their family to have the presence of portraits at home.

“There is something about black and white photographs that sings to us despite the absence of color.”

Chaley was really hands-on with the shoot and worked her creative juices when it came to the styling:

For the 50s/60s Casual Look – we found inspiration from Hollywood Inspired Portraits of Marlon Brando, James Dean, Audrey Hepburn & Veronica Lake. We wanted to emulate that Hollywood Look by matching the styling with the same era studio lighting techniques. With complete bee-hive hair-dew and all.
For the 50s/60s Shanghai Theme Look – this was a vision of our photographer, he wanted to take cue from gorgeous art movies of Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love & Ang Lee’s – Lust, Caution, by recreating our own version of that old Shanghai look from the 50s that Hong Kong Cinema in its heydays are very fond of. The result is something we didn’t expect, it was such an experience finding those Qipao costumes and emulating great artists such as Tony Leung & Maggie Cheung.
For the Classic Wedding Portrait – we directly took inspiration from our parents’ and grandparents’ old wedding photographs and tried to create a version of our own. We added a lot of textured pieces on our clothing as it complements that monochromatic portraits perfectly. That extra layer adds character and contrast to the overall portrait, as you only play around with shades of grey. Evan is such a fan of that black and white look that he wanted to have photos direct from black and white film and not just a notion of changing the photo to black and white as an afterthought.

“I wanted to have a classic wedding photograph just like what our grandparents and parents had. Seeing their black and white photos gives me a sense of nostalgia– so I thought, me too gusto ko rin! In 50 years from now, this photo will be a classic, sitting beside my grandmother’s and mom’s.”

Makeup @jajapangilinan | Styling by the bride herself @itschaleytiu | Photo @zorkikat_jayjavier at @fotofabrik.ff studio | Assisted by @migueldq | Studio & Developing @fotofabrik.ff

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