May 31, 2019

Dainty Cakes by Audrey’s Pastries

By Vennette Lailani Seprado

Paola Pascua, the founder and creative director of Audrey’s couture bakeshop and design studio has a very fashionable approach to her cake designs. She observes fashion runways, color palettes, fabric patterns, and wedding elements to create custom designs and styles on cakes and pastries. Established in 2015, Paola envisioned Audrey’s to craft delectable and customizable menu items that would taste as good as it looks. 

Just like their Instagram account, Audrey’s confections are well curated, decorated with restraint, modern and uncomplicated. On their design aesthetic, Paola shares:

“We classify our style as minimal, classy and organic. We love doing sleek and never over-the-top, modern designs with a touch of nature’s palette. I personally love anything organic, not-so scripted designs”.

Coming up with a wedding cake design and locking in on a cake flavor involves collaboration between the couple and the pastry makers. Audrey’s have signature flavor combinations which they make from scratch every time. Couples may opt for these tried and tested flavor combinations and cake design templates but Paola reveals:

“We love learning and trying new things so we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to applying techniques in our designs. We love when our client pushes us out of our boundaries. It’s scary, yes, but we’ll always love to try!”

She also adds, “We especially love when our couples give us the liberty in designing their wedding cakes.”

Paola’s background as a food technologist has given her an edge against her competitors. Her sister Aira is a nutritionist and incorporating their background in developing products make it easier for them to consider requests for specific flavors or adhere to special dietary preferences and restrictions.

As for wedding cake trends, Paola observes that naked cakes or rustic-themed cakes will still be popular. However, more modern cake designs will continue to gain momentum. She says, “Brides now are more adventurous and experimental than ever! I also see us using a lot of gold and coral-based hues. It’s the color of the year; it might even be the new ‘millennial pink’, so excited for it!”

Audrey’s is on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – @audreyspastries. To see more of their work and order online you may visit Their studio/bakeshop is located in Unit 2 Phase 3A Macaria Ave. cor. 6th St. Pacita Complex I San Pedro Laguna where they normally hold cake tasting sessions by appointment.

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