June 11, 2019

#BridalBeauty: Complete Your Bridal Glow with a Whiter Smile

Wedding trends come and go—makeup looks, bridal dress trends, color schemes, and dream themes vary from year to year. But one trend that’s here to stay is the bridal glow. A lot of people think that skincare and a good makeup artist can help you achieve the bridal glow on your big day, but it doesn’t stop there! A beautiful smile will complete your whole look, and The Smile Bar is here to help you achieve your #SmileGoals. We list down the reasons why:

1. Instant results. The Smile Bar uses a revolutionary teeth whitening gel and a sophisticated whitening lamp for immediate visible effects, giving you 2 to 9 shades whiter teeth in just one session. Compared to more traditional methods where it could take several visits before you see results, it only takes 20 minutes for The Smile Bar to give you that whiter smile.

2. You won’t feel any pain or sensitivity during and after the treatment, since The Smile Bar uses a cosmetic based Swedish teeth whitening technology.

3. Amazing interiors. When you undergo treatments, one major factor for consideration is how comfortable the place is. When you go to The Smile Bar, you will be immersed in chic, minimalist interiors and settle into comfy egg chairs complete with neck pillows and blankets that will keep you cozy during your session. They even provide you with iPads to keep you entertained where you could connect to their WiFi, play games, and catch up on episodes of your favorite series!  

4. Zero downtime after your treatment. You know that instance when you get your teeth whitened and then suddenly realize that pretty much everything you like to eat and drink have color in them? Good thing The Smile Bar offers the Nano Seal Total+ that locks in your newly-whitened teeth, allowing you to eat or drink anything right after your visit.

5. The whitening effect can last up to six months or longer with the right dental hygiene. To maintain a pearly white breathtaking smile, it is recommended that you get the whitening treatment on a quarterly basis. You could also avail of their aftercare products from Brilliant Smile Sweden to help prolong your whiter smile.

The Smile Bar is located at 2/F Uptown Parade, BGC, Taguig and the Ayala Malls Vertis North.

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