June 26, 2019

Quest Hotel’s Chef Joseph Manaois

In our recent Dream Themes feature of Quest Hotel in Clark, the beautiful luxe tropical setup by Blooms 2710 Event Styling was perfectly complemented by the wedding spread as well– which is just as important as the overall styling of the venue– courtesy of Chef Joseph Manaois, who specializes in fusion, Asian and international cuisine—a result of his frequent travels in the Middle East and a stint in Kempinski Hotel in Dubai.  

Chef Joseph’s artfully-crafted dishes that directly translated the surrounding theme really served as the perfect punchline that led us to decide to do a solo feature on this wonderful chef and his masterful work.

“I am [mostly] inspired by the beauty of the different ingredients, recipes and the wonderful stories about different food. I [also] get inspired by the weather and what I [crave] to eat,” divulged Manaois.

For starters, Manaois prepared Tuna Tataki, a pan-seared fresh tuna loin with spicy crust, served with wasabi ginger sauce and crab salad. The chef also included a seared beef salad, braised mushroom, coriander, chili, lime, and sesame soy dressing, as well as a seafood chowder soup flavored with truffle oil.

For the main course, there’s surf n’ turf, a slow-cooked beef cheek dish, coupled with fried king prawns with salsa, and served with mashed potato and asparagus. For dessert, Manaois served tiramisu, a classic Italian mousse cake, as well as pannacotta made with house strawberries, served on a bed of tropical macerated fruits.

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