August 1, 2019

Little Miss Lacey’s Little Royalties

By Nicole Cordoves

With the current bridal trend where entourage dresses are designed in the most minimalist fashion, seeing Little Miss Lacey’s designs is such a nostalgic reminder of how fun flower girls’ dresses used to be.

Bright colors, textures, and a whole lot of volume is the formula for giving the kiddos the most fun a dress they don’t only get to wear, but enjoy wearing it as well. We actually still can’t forget the little girl on the runway who had a little too much fun in her dress!

What makes Little Miss Lacey’s collection more special is the overall sophisticated design of the dresses and suits that transformed the little boys and girls into little men and women who would surely make your guests tilt their head a little to the side and say ‘awww!’.

Photos by Nice Print Photography

One Comment on “Little Miss Lacey’s Little Royalties

Erika Ambatali
August 2, 2019 at 9:59 am

Congratulations Cor and Little Miss Lacey! Every little girl’s dream come true to dress up and look like a princess!


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