August 2, 2019

The Long-Awaited Collection by Veluz Bridal is Finally Here

By Nicole Cordoves

For the grand finale, Veluz Reyes presented her long-awaited RTW Bridal Collection. The collection spoke strongly about the designer’s identity, featuring details that do not belong to the list of current bridal trends. It is overall feminine, in every sense of the word.

Veluz’s effort to present a collection that has a very different aesthetic from everything else she has made is greatly felt as her muses graced the runway. Frilly, high necklines were perfectly balanced out with pieces that highlight the bride’s decolletage.

Veluz has always been representative of the kind of designer who has every possible kind of bride in mind, considering different body types and personalities, as well as age range. This collection, most especially, is incorporated with pieces with unrestrictive cuts and silhouettes.

Needless to say, no matter what ‘type of bride’ you identify yourself with, Veluz Bridal would have the perfect dress for you.

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