August 2, 2019

Walk-Through Marry Me at Marriott 2019

By Nicole Cordoves

Upon setting foot at the Manila Marriott Hotel Grand Ballroom, a beautiful vignette by Gideon Hermosa that serves as a photo corner for the night’s special guests will greet you.

The next step is to register before you can enter the Grand Ballroom so that you could get a ticket to your designated seat for the fashion show. This year, the entire hallway that traced the grand ballroom served as the runway which was styled by Teddy Manuel.

The Grand Ballroom was divided into three different themes: Indian, Western, and Oriental. The Indian-themed setup is by Michael Ruiz that filled the first part of the ballroom with lush colors, complemented by Indian Dishes served by the chefs.

The next part of the ballroom styled by Gideon Hermosa went for the Western Classics: clean, elegant, and golden.

The last part of the ballroom was dedicated to Ting Hun Celebrations by Teddy Manuel who did not hold back on the giant lanterns, cherry blossoms, and the extra touch of butterflies. The setup was, of course, paired perfectly with a laureate of endless Chinese food.

Manila Marriott Hotel also stretched their skillset and showed guests that they could also create carefully-crafted wedding cakes.

The icing on top is the bridal show with a heavy set of six renowned designers: Leo Almodal, Albert Andrada, Jun Escario, Little Miss Lacey, Michael Leyva, and Veluz Reyes.

Photos by Nice Print Photography

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