August 8, 2019

Weddings by the Acea Subic Bay

By Shaharaine P. Abdullah

As a symbol of life, seas demonstrate the dichotomy inherent in nature—serene yet unpredictable. But as incongruous as its elements are, seas are nothing if not immutable, which lends inspiration for enduring relationships. Seas, therefore, make for an apt setting for the celebration of unions and new beginnings. 

Acea Subic Bay promotes this concept with its newly established multi-function hall and beachfront that offers a spectacular sunset view, perfect for beach wedding receptions. The hotel further distinguishes itself from other venues in the Subic Bay area with its exceptional service.

Amidst Acea Subic Bay’s pristine beachfront, Amante Fleurs created an elegant and beach-chic setup that highlighted the sparkling cerulean sea.   

Draped in stark white cloth, the long VIP table is arranged simply on top of the white sand, paired with woven armchairs upholstered in tan fabric, exuding a laidback vibe. As a centerpiece, a long floral garland made of pink, blush, and white roses with green grapes is perched in the middle and cascades to the sandy ground. Ribbed gold vases filled with white and green blooms and gold leaves, as well as gilded seashells and glass candelabras filled with elongated gold candles, embellish the rest of the table. Elongated gold candles also adorn the floral garland, matching the gold charger plates that accent the plain white dinnerware, paired with standard wineglasses and silver cutlery. 

The same design scheme is echoed in the round guest tables, which are paired with gilded high-backed chairs upholstered in gray fabric. 

The menus and name cards, courtesy of Printsonalities, are just as dainty, made with simple white paper that are printed with a border of delicate branches and teal brush strokes, then embellished with elegant gold calligraphy. 

The extensive wedding fare—courtesy of Chef Dwight—features a plethora of different cuisines, including Western, Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, French,Caribbean, Greek and even vegan food. Out of all the cuisines offered, Chef Dwight prefers Mediterranean, which includes olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. 

“It was easy to introduce because Mediterranean cuisine is also known in many countries, even Asian and Western,” Chef Dwight explains. 

He attributes his inspiration for the menu to plating and presentation.

“These are the most important because it shows how artistic you are as a chef, not just [with] preparing and cooking, but also the quality and taste of the food, and how you present it. This will give happiness and the most memorable experience for the bride and groom,” the chef explains. 

Capping off the wedding feast is the cake, courtesy of Jappy Gamboa. A three-tiered confection, the cake echoes the theme’s tri-color palette of white, gold, and mint. The base is painted in an abstract combination of mint and white, while the second tier is plain white embellished with gold accoutrements and buttons, as well as white flowers. The top is entirely coated in lavish gold, giving the cake an ornate touch. The cake is propped on a round table covered with white tablecloth, surrounded by a bed of assorted tropical leaves, twigs, and gilded seashells. The cake display is set against a makeshift backdrop of plain white walls with gilded borders and adorned with thick floral garlands of white and gold flowers that are diagonally draped on each section, as well as brass wall candelabras filled with elongated gold candles.

Overall, Amante Fleurs’ design setup bears an uncluttered arrangement with minimal trimmings that evoke a beachy glam vibe. 

Photography: Bernard Aniversario | Event Stylist: Amante Fleurs | Prints: Printsonalities | Cake: Jappy Gamboa | Shoot on Location: Acea Subic Bay | Special Thanks to Ms. Coleen Rosario

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