November 19, 2019

Marco and Dawn’s Magical Prenup Shoot in Jaipur Captured by Mayad Studios

Marco Zheng and Dawn Qiu‘s pre-wedding shoot in Jaipur, India is beyond magical. Since Marco and Dawn live to travel and have seen quite a good part of the world together, they made sure to spend more time in India so they could visit more picturesque locations.

The whole set was captured by #MayadJamie (Jamie Lihan) who described the locations as “Perfectly picturesque would be an utter understatement. It was really beautiful— the feeling was somewhere between jaw-drop and feeling speechless. The intricacy of the details was amazing, there’s nothing like it, as it was truly a work of art. I loved shooting outside the museum with hundreds of pigeons and the museum in the background. It was quite a moment! Their shoot locations included Patrika Gate, Amer fort, Albert Hall, Nahargah Nort, and the City Palace.

Besides the effortlessly beautiful sceneries, we love Dawn’s casual and modern take on Indian fashion that didn’t clash with the colorful patterns in the background.

Lastly, here are #MayadJamie’s tips for couples who want to hit all the shoot locations while working with a time constraint: “First, they have to consider logistics carefully, as it’s hard to plan out considering you have a lot of things to consider such as itinerary of the locations and the timing of the day; it’s also important to take note how much time should you need to shoot in one location, relating to how far each location is from another.”

Photos by Jamie Lihan of Mayad Studios

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