January 21, 2020

#BridalBeauty: Stunning Dos for the Outdoors

Deciding on your hairstyle is vital in creating your bridal look—much more so if you’re holding your big day outdoors, where you have the wind and the sun to consider.

So, to give you amazing hairstyle options for your crowning glory, George Petkov of New Monarq created four looks that will make any woman feel like a natural queen.


These flowing waves, which seem to move with the wind, could easily make a stunning bridal look, even when paired with the simplest of gowns. Add an accessory and you’re all set!

George shares how he created this classic destination wedding hairstyle.

  1. Split the hair into two parts, left and right. 
  2. Put texture spray from the roots to the ends. 
  3. Curl with curling iron from right to center, and then left to center. 
  4. Leave it to cool down for 10 minutes and then brush with a flat brush from roots to ends.
  5. Accessorize.


Do you want to put your hair up without going with a full-on updo? This hairstyle is perfect for brides who like a laid back updo. It gives a sweet and simple vibe with the hair neatly brushed away from the face, while still having loose waves that gracefully flow as you move.

To create the undone ponytail:

  1. Follow the same preparation for Look 1 (Steps 1-3)
  2. Take the fringe and leave some of it. 
  3. Make a nice tail. 
  4. Take one piece of hair to cover the elastic. 
  5. Backcomb the tail from its roots. 
  6. Brush all of the hair back, fox the fringe on its natural foals.


This hairstyle gives the trendy high updo a relaxed and romantic look. You don’t need to worry about strong winds with this one. The look opens the face while giving a youthful and playful take with its loose knots.

Here’s how George created this hairstyle: 

  1. Make a high tail on the top of the head then cover the elastic with one piece of hair.
  2. Use texture hairspray and curl the hair. 
  3. Backcomb to create better texture and make two knots. 
  4. Twist each knot around the tail base and secure with bobby pins.


You can’t go wrong with loose braids when creating a dreamy bridal look. This hairstyle adds depth, volume, and dimension to your mane while giving it a nice pattern to accessorize with. 

George shares how he made this updo:

  1. Use texture hairspray from roots till ends, then curl with thick iron to create better texture. 
  2. Make one loose duchess braid from the left side and some from the right and cross them at the back of the head. 
  3. For more voluminous hair, make two or three loose braids and twist them around the other until you create a nice form. 
  4. Accessorize with some flowers or pearls.

Photography Erron Ocampo
Words Lucci Coral-Canlas
Makeup Boggy Diaz of New Monarq
Hair George Petkov of New Monarq
Model Anela Dinova at New Monarq
Gowns Se Vestir
Shot on location at Conrad Hotel Manila
Special thanks to Mr. Angel Velasco

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