January 30, 2020

Experiencing Robatayaki at Enbu

Okada Manila turns up the heat in the local culinary scene and introduces Enbu with the dancing flames of the grill as the restaurant’s inspiration.

Carefully designed interiors with distinctly Japanese elements set the mood for a festive and enjoyable robatayaki experience.  Suspended in multiple rows from the ceiling are 2,160 red chochin lanterns, reminiscent of festivals and picturesque streets in Japan. 

“We have a private room for those who would want a more intimate atmosphere, and we can accommodate an intimate wedding. We can do a special menu for the couple as well.”—Mr. Epie Santos, Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Corporate Marketing and Communications, Okada Manila. 

In the main dining area, Enbu’s stylish and inviting robata counters take center stage.  Guests are called to take a seat and watch as Chef Yoshihiro Sugiyama and his team make use of traditional Japanese cooking techniques, slow-grilling the finest meats and local produce over charcoal resulting to beautifully charred and full-flavored dishes with smoky aromas.

Located at the Crystal Corridor of Okada Manila, Enbu offers a full range of classic Japanese dishes with fitting sake and wine pairings along with a grand view of The Fountain.  The entire experience is elevated with the spectacle of dancing flames and lively entertainment as the guests indulge in a delicious and dynamic experience. (Advertorial)

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