February 18, 2020

#BridalBeauty: Responsible Beauty by The New Vivere

Having been in the industry for over a decade, and being one of the pioneers in precision cut and styling by Vidal Sassoon trained stylists, Vivere Salon has definitely carved its mark as a quiet leader in its field. Known for going the extra mile to make sure clients find the right balance between trendy and manageable, Vivere is tirelessly innovating and exploring better products and services to satisfy their customers. As the brand continuously strives to raise the bar higher for its beloved clientele, we now welcome The New Vivere

“The strengthened positioning of the brand marks the start of a new era for Vivere Salon,” says R2 Group of Exclusive Brands President and CEO, Ramon de Ubago III. “We finally have a clearer picture of how we want the brand to be remembered by new customers and loved by the loyal ones.” He added. 

So what is The New Vivere? Vivere Salon’s trademark originated from Italian verb “Vivere” which means “to live”. Such a vibrant and dynamic appellation to live up to. Yet as the brand is motivated by its new vision, it expounds that, “living is not just existing but coexisting harmoniously with our planet and the rest.” heartily explained by Head of Marketing, Ms. Abby Borja, who is currently spearheading Vivere’s transformation. First in the country, Vivere Salon will now endeavor to practice holistic beauty through sustainability and eco-responsibility. The brand aims to be a pioneer in conscious beauty by prioritizing sustainable products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and/or naturally derived to achieve the best version of yourself. “But please take note that Vivere will not deliver fake expectations to its clients but instead, utilize our artists’ creative talents and topnotch eco-friendly products to enhance their natural beauty while contributing to society’s well-being.” She added. The goal is to incline itself to results-driven services but those that have a socially responsible impact. 

Imagine yourself indulging in a soothing and beautifying hair treatment in this fresh looking beauty destination using only the best naturally-derived products which are good for your health and the environment, while minimizing single use plastics and harmful materials. You can enjoy the great ambiance, excellent service, plus an array of eco-friendly home care products available for purchase. Definitely a luxurious experience sans the guilt. 

Many of us are already aware of what is happening around. Global warming, climate change, and so many natural calamities. However, being mindful is only the beginning and it takes a responsive first step to move forward to this sustainable lifestyle. We may seem stuck as we search for more accessible means to do so. Let Vivere Salon help you jumpstart your conscious beauty journey. Together, we will take a new stand on beauty – beauty with responsibility. (WE Advertorial)

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