March 12, 2020

Sweet Alternatives

Why you don’t have to have a traditional wedding cake

Words Charlene Bobis

Cheese tower by Grazing and Platters

You have your heart set on the gown, the bouquet, the motif, even the colors… but somehow the traditional towering white wedding cake doesn’t appeal to you. You’ve been to wedding fairs, and while the designs were beautiful, you and your spouse-to-be want something else, something that really reflects your tastes, your personalities—something that isn’t a cake. Does this mean that you can’t have a cake—or you have to compromise?

Of course not! WE believe it’s your day and you should have it your way, so WE’re presenting a feast for the eyes—and the taste buds—in this feature on wedding cake alternatives.

Weddings are increasingly becoming a venue for couples to not only celebrate their love with family and friends, but also to tell the world about who they are as a couple. Their story is best told in the details, and that’s what WE challenged these cake alternative makers to do. Have a look at the delightful results!

Brownie Tower

Chocoholic brownie-loving couples, consider this dainty fudge chocolate brownie tower, composed of very fudgy brownies held together with chocolate fudge icing and decorated with fresh berries.

Brownie Tower by Red Rose Cakes

Donut Tower

Couples with a sense of the whimsical who love doughnuts will be delighted to find that they can marry their two loves with this donut tower.

Donut Tower by Fortytwo Cakes


You’ll definitely enjoy what this tower represents; croquembouches were originally created for French weddings, for couples to kiss over. If a couple could do this without knocking the tower of pastries over, they were guaranteed a sweet marriage blessed with happy children. Guests of all ages will have the sweetest fun taking this cake alternative apart! You can have cream puffs, custard-filled choux pastries, or profiteroles as the ‘building blocks’ of this delight, and it’s often held together with toffee sugar or spun sugar. In addition, you can insert almonds, chocolates, and colored candy depending on your theme and motif.

Macaron de Paris

Who would have thought that a small treat could make a big, beautiful cake even better? Audrey Tanco-Uy explains, “We created a Macaron de Paris Wedding Cake as a non-traditional wedding cake for a non-traditional bride. Macarons de Paris pastries are well-loved all over the world and originated from Paris. These chewy pastel-colored pastries are made with crushed almond shells with a flavored creme ganache in between. This gives a new twist for guests as they are invited tocome and partake of this entrancing delight by taking their pick of this delicious treat from the wedding cake itself. Macarons de Paris pastries come in a variety of colors and flavors and are our prized specialty. Traditional wedding cakes can be spruced up by adding these delicious Macarons de Paris treats.”

Alternatives and Advantages

It’s amazing what options are open to couples these days, and the limit is your imagination—no longer your budget. You can choose anything you feel best represents you and your spouse-to-be, whatever your mood and style. The best part? Not only are these cake alternatives gentler on the budget, they also serve as one-of-a-kind souvenirs your guests will definitely remember—no danger of them sitting forgotten in a cabinet gathering dust and being considered cheap, uninspired giveaways. And who knows who else you might inspire along the way?

Here are other sweet alternatives you could consider.

Madeline Tower by Bizu
Chocolate Truffle Tower by Naked Patisserie
Cupcake Tower by
Cookie Tower by Social Conceptions
Millecrepe Cake by

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