March 24, 2020

The Art of Ganache

Cake design has been constantly evolving. Amidst emerging trends, nothing beats a classic, sophisticated design that remains timeless and relevant. 

Staying true to their design philosophy of Modern Minimalism and Playful cake artistryLovelots Cakes offers masterpieces that are both elegant and visually engaging. 

Their delicately handcrafted sugar flowers and intricate sugar figures are done with utmost attention to detail. The team, led by their Creative Director, Melissa Pedreña – Cardenas, has once again proven their versatility by offering a variety of cake finishes.

Thrilled with marbled cakes? Look no further. Lovelots Cakes are experts in Fondant marbling and creating gradients through hand painting. For soft & fluffy goodness, their Italian Buttercream cakes have the right amount of sweetness and can be perfectly smoothened or textured, suiting any rustic occasion.

Love truffles & chocolates? Their White Chocolate Ganache coated cakes are perfect for you! Lovelots Cakes developed a recipe that can withstand heat & humidity so an outdoor celebration won’t be a problem. They create works of art with ganache, you wouldn’t even notice it’s chocolate! This is their best-selling medium to-date.

With over twenty flavors to choose from, finding your sweet spot is a breeze. Dainty cake samplers are available to help you decide. To create a cake that truly reflects your vision, client collaboration is integral to their design process. Melissa remains hands-on with all the processes involved in creating your cake — from consultation to production, to setting-up on your big day. 

For inquiries and orders follow them at ,, (WE Advertorial)

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