May 4, 2020

Love in the Eyes of Amady Manila

Amady Manila together with its sister company, Mayad Studios came up with a campaign called #LoveisBasic. With this campaign, they aim to send a message of hope and positivity; a message that love is a grand thing that can be celebrated in a simple way. With #LoveisBasic, they position to provide services that fit to a lesser number of people who will be involved during a celebration.

#AmadyBasics is their new take on wedding photography and videography, specially crafted for intimate weddings. Let your overflowing love compensate for the small crowd. After all, #LoveIsBasic

Picture this: You, your fiancee, and maybe 10 to 15 of your nearest and dearest– and just like that, you’ve got everything that you need in this life.

Contact Amady Manila at or 0917.1191177 for inquiries!

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