May 14, 2020

#WEDreamThemes: Cosmic Love

Words by Shaharaine P. Abdullah
Photography by Adrian Ardiente of Cerca Trova

The moon and stars have inspired countless to wax lyrical about the arcane beauty of the universe. Carl Sagan once eloquently surmised:

“For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love.”And so, despite its inscrutability, we continue to regard the stars and the heavens with both awe and veneration.   

Echoing the same sentiment, the style team of Amante Fleurs has created a stellar reception setup that reflects the ethereal beauty of the cosmos. 

Situated at the Grand Ballroom of Grand Hyatt Manila, Amante Fleurs’ setup utilized the ballroom’s lofty space and the array of spherical crystal lights to create a dramatic backdrop that mimics a starry night. 

The VIP table at the center immediately draws the eyes, with its makeshift canopy comprised of a gold metal frame, adding height that creates a focal point for the design. The canopy’s ceiling is strung with a mesh of fairy lights and mounted by six gold starburst chandeliers, creating a radiant mood. 

The long, glass-topped acrylic table is paired with high-backed, gold-framed chairs that feature white upholstery, courtesy of C&L Décor. The same company is also responsible for the chandeliers and the two massive candelabras flanking the table on both ends, while a bed of gypsophilas and starburst ornaments accent the base. 

For the centerpiece, bouquets of purple hydrangeas, mauve roses, magenta fillers, and violets dominate the space, along with glass and copper candleholders with LED candles.

The same arrangement is featured on the round guest tables, except towering candelabras are added in the centerpiece as well. 

To offset the bold colors on the centerpiece, the rest of the tablescape is minimal, with copper charger plates serving as the main accent of the silver flatware and wine glasses. The white napkins are each adorned with a sprig of blue globe thistle, topped with menus courtesy of The Write Impression. 

Featuring gold calligraphy and a nondescript font, the menus are printed on white paper bearing a starry night sky design on the border, emblazoned with three glittery blue stars. The invitations also feature the same celestial print and gold calligraphy, along with a gold border. It comes with a matching navy envelope that’s lined with the same celestial design but with more emphasis on constellations. 

The astronomical theme extends to the couple’s area, which features a backdrop dressed up with teal fabric that’s strung with fairy lights and accented by starburst ornaments and light fixtures shaped liked dandelions. A massive crescent moon decked in glittery gold monopolizes the middle and is flanked on one side by a huge bouquet of purple hydrangeas propped on an acrylic stand, while the couple’s table sits on the other end.

Equally out of this world is the wedding feast, courtesy of Grand Hyatt Manila. 

The wedding cake, courtesy of Maite Gregorio, is a three-tiered confection painted in cobalt blue with gold trim, reminiscent of a starry night sky. It is adorned on one side with an assortment of leaves, red flowers, yellow berries, purple roses and violets. The cake sits on a table with a bed of mauve roses, purple blooms and blue globe thistle, all positioned under a pointed, makeshift arch illuminated by blue string lights, starburst chandeliers and ornaments. For the finishing touch, a bunch of long-stemmed candles are strewn on the base. 


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